Hunter's Ridge Property Owners Association

What Not to Flush

Even though some items may be marketed as flushable-our experts will tell you otherwise.  Please refrain from flushing the following items and please make all members of the household aware of these items as well.  By working together we can ensure that we keep our sewer plant operating at capacity with as few needed repairs as possible.

1.  Flushable baby wipes and sani-wipes.

2.  Dental Floss

3.  Kitty Litter

4.  Dried poop from a litter box

5.  Hair

6.  Condoms

7.  Bleach

8.  Cigarette Butts

9.  Diapers/sanitary napkins/paper towels

10.  chewing gum

11.  Cotton balls/swabs

12.  Food

13.  Grease

14.  Fish/snakes/little critters

15.  Medication/Illegal Drugs

Posted by huntersridge on 03/07/2018
Farmington, Missouri 63640

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